Magnet Surf School invites you to call on several professionals from the peninsula to plan the tailor-made stay that will best suit you.

If you don't know Brittany, you absolutely have to come and visit our beautiful region.

On the Crozon peninsula the weather is always nice! Between two showers... I guarantee you a ray of sunshine per day. On the peninsula, the wind sweeps away the bad weather and the swell hits the coastline. There are always waves here!

The fishing port of Morgat is a must-see in the Breton landscape. As surprising as it seems, the water here is turquoise blue. The landscapes, each as varied as the next, will disorient you. You will find a piece of Scotland, Corsica and the Brocéliande Forest grouped together in one place. Lulled by the rhythm of the seasons, you will discover a preserved natural environment. At the western end of the Armorique Regional Park, you will be struck by the beauty of the landscapes with their very particular geology. The peninsula is a land of history and legends. You will visit sites of menhir alignments and if you listen carefully you will hear legends that span the ages.

The GR 34 trails will help you discover the most beautiful hikes in Europe. Between Morgat and Cap de la Chèvre you will appreciate a coast with an atypical landscape crossed by a path worthy of mountain hikes. The west coast, more exposed to winter storms, is obviously beautiful. It is dotted with the best Breton spots: sand, rock and crystal clear water are the ingredients for surf sessions that you will not soon forget.

The coast, very indented, will allow you to always find a place sheltered from the wind! The woods, the moors and the dune areas will awaken in you a little scent of discovery and adventure. You can stop off at small typical restaurants and local bistros in Camaret as well as in Roscanvel or Lanvéoc. You can't come to Brittany without eating a good crepe accompanied by a bowl of cider!

And if you are curious, there is so much to discover in the surrounding villages: Telgruc, Camaret, Roscanvel, Crozon, Landévennec…

Guillaume will be there to guide you on your expeditions to discover regional dishes, rich Breton culture and the waves.

Surfing on the Crozon peninsula

Surfing on the Crozon peninsula is a unique experience. You will appreciate the charm of small coastal villages and a wild and protected environment. In the heart of the Armorique Natural Park, you may have the chance to surf with dolphins or seals. If you are passionate about ornithology, you will find what you are looking for here. You can also take a Stand Up Paddle ride and visit the Morgat sea caves. They number around two hundred and fifty and can reach a hundred meters deep. A curiosity not to be missed!

After the surf session, it is pleasant to stroll through small villages like Landévennec, Camaret, Crozon and Morgat. You will no doubt meet people around a Coreff at the Relai des Pêcheurs. Restaurants await you on the promenade. On the program: seafood, traditional cuisine and sausage pancakes!

If you are looking for an original destination and an exotic stay, the Crozon peninsula will suit you perfectly. The peninsula has all the characteristics of an island. The peninsulas with strong character will take their time to listen to you and help you discover their cultural heritage. This warm atmosphere is specific to Brittany. You will be able to see the difference with other tourist regions in France. Fewer crowds, varied and original activities will make your vacation the first in a long series.

Surf lessons in Crozon - Morgat - Camaret

Surf lessons meet at the magnet surf office in Crozon. You will have time to introduce yourself over coffee and discuss what you expect from your surf lessons. After a brief analysis of the day's weather, Guillaume will take you to one of the spots that he deems best suited to your level.

The surf session lasts three hours, transport included. All levels are accepted in surf lessons. Groups will be formed according to your expectations and abilities.

In the beach parking lot, Guillaume will provide you with all the equipment you need. Sooruz suits from the Blue Line line are suitable for school use. They are easy to put on and made from recycled neoprene. The Ocean and Earth and Hurricane foam boards will allow you to progress without hurting yourself! Once dressed, you will access the beach via the paths crossing typical villages and dune areas.

You will then start with a warm-up (yoga, games, bodysurfing, etc.). As for surfing, don't be worried! If you are beginner surfers you will stay in the foam in order to integrate the basics of the take-off in complete safety. For experts in the discipline, you will face the elements under the watchful eye of your instructor. You will be in the water between 1 hour 15 minutes and 1 hour 45 minutes depending on the access time to the beach and the weather conditions. The goal is not to turn yourself into an ice cube or to exhaust yourself during the first session.

Back at the surf school, you will do a little debriefing with Guillaume around delicious cookies from Face au Bowl. You can even leave your stay in Crozon - Morgat with your memories which you can download from the website.

For Groups

Our goal is to satisfy you as much as possible so that you have a pleasant stay.

First, contact us by phone or email. Magnet Surf offers to pick you up from the Brest airport and train station by minibus. We will then agree on the prices and optional activities for your stay. In addition to being a land of surfing, the Crozon peninsula allows you to discover a variety of outdoor activities. Bike rides and hikes will allow you to familiarize yourself with Brittany. From Morgat to Camaret via Crozon, you will visit magnificent villages, fine sandy beaches and unique forest areas. The sea caves are accessible by sea. We can organize a Stand Up Paddle trip through the caves. Thrills guaranteed!

And to relax at the end of the day, a yoga session can be offered to you at the end of the day.

Come and discover some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe in a rich and preserved setting. Quality waves suitable for all levels. Spend a sporting holiday in a warm and relaxed atmosphere!


Photo d'un mobil-home du camping de la presqu'île à Crozon Morgat.

The peninsula campsite is located fifty meters from the surf school.
You can come on foot in the morning to surf lessons.

You will meet Fabienne, Frank and the cat Wallis. They are the ones who manage the campsite, except for the cat who spends his time napping and scratching cuddles...

The campsite is close to the bus stop from Brest and Quimper. You will find all the essential shops in the town of Crozon. It will take you 15 minutes to walk to the market in the morning before doing your activities! There you will find vegetables from sustainable and local agriculture, local cheese and pancakes!

What's good about camping on the peninsula is that you are in the center of Crozon on the edge of the forest. You can easily travel by car or bike thanks to the cycle path. All the surf spots are equidistant within a few kilometers. Bicycles are available for rental at the campsite.

You can choose from several accommodation options. Come pitch your tent, rent a mobile home or a coconut tent equipped with a kitchen.

You're feeling a little peckish, no problemo! Come eat a Poké bowl or a burrito accompanied by a good local beer at Face au Bowl, the surf school restaurant.
There are plenty of options for Vegans and vegetarians. Maximum fresh produce for maximum pleasure. Cookies and amazing desserts.

It’s cool, it’s affordable and super practical…

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Where to eat between surf sessions

La terrasse à Magnet Surf vous accueille pour déguster des poke bowl à Crozon Morgat Camaret.

Face au bowl: restaurant poke bowl café


The Face au Bowl restaurant is located next to the surf school.
Camille offers you healthy and sustainable meals. It sources its supplies from market gardeners on the peninsula to offer you food from sustainable and local production. The fish comes from the port of Camaret.

You can come and eat poké bowls and burritos with several vegan and gluten free options. Omnivores, vegans and vegetarians are all welcome at Face au Bowl. All the restaurant's desserts are homemade with fresh produce.

Come and enjoy the sunny terrace! You can also take takeaway meals to enjoy them in front of the spot or for sunset.

Camille offers beers from local breweries as well as a wide range of soft drinks.

Come and enjoy a Cocoon atmosphere near the center of Crozon on the road to the spots!

relax terasse-soleil-crozonburrito crozon-morgatlogo face-au-bowl-horizonpoke bowl-crozon-morgat-camaretdessert crozon-morgat-camaret.JPGlegumes lanveoc-pokebowl


Coming to the Crozon peninsula by train, bus, boat or car

Get closer to your destination by stopping at BREST or QUIMPER station.

From Brest station you can use bus line 34.
From Quimper station, line 37.

 I check the boat schedules

Location de vélo électrique ou musculaire, VTC ou VTT à Crozon Morgat Camaret.

How to get around the peninsula

With the surf school

Location de vélo électrique ou musculaire, VTC ou VTT à Crozon Morgat Camaret.

The start of the surf lesson is at the house of Magnet Surf. It's carpooling, half-day surf trip type. You can trust Guillaume to take you to the spot which works best.

 By bike

Location de vélo électrique ou musculaire, VTC ou VTT à Crozon Morgat Camaret.

Louer un Vélo

All the bikes you need can be reserved:
Electric bike, muscle bike, VTC, mountain bike

Aber Bikes offers you a complete offer for your group or family cycling holidays!

Location de vélo électrique ou musculaire, VTC ou VTT à Crozon Morgat Camaret.


Brittany, a land of surfing

Secret spot en Bretagne.

The Breton coastline…

All along the coasts, over some 2700 kilometers jagged with cliffs and rocks. The Breton coastline offers a unique playground in Europe. Due to its extension into the Atlantic Ocean, its location makes it possible to capture a maximum of swell orientations. Depending on the weather conditions, it is always possible to find a good session. Several surf zones characterize Breton surfing. You probably know the most famous surf spots like La Torche, the Quiberon peninsula, Audierne bay, the Crozon peninsula, the Locquirec beaches...
All of these places have one thing in common: a variety of spot configurations. A Breton surfer has a seamanship developed by the specificities of his practice environment and the disciplines attached to this nautical territory. It is common to share surf sessions with windsurfers and kite surfers.

The advantage of these configurations is to offer beaches suitable for beginners close to surf spots for more experienced surfers.

Here when we start, we are led more quickly towards autonomy. The gently sloping sandy beaches allow learning in stages and without risk. We are far from the violence of the southwest waves which require technical background and high physical commitment. Good surfers will be delighted by the variety of reefbreaks and beachbreaks. They will find what they are looking for there regardless of their style of practice (longboard, shortboard, standup paddle, bodyboard, waveski, etc.).

Remember that these places are protected natural sites and that it is important to respect the access trails. You will surf in surf spots far from access, so you must remain humble in your practice. Observing and gathering information at the water's edge will help you avoid stupid accidents.

With a strong surfing identity, Brittany is ideal for starting or improving.

The surf spots of Crozon Morgat

Photo du spot de surf de la Palue à Crozon. Conditions parfaites pour ce cours de surf.

A surf experience on the most beautiful surf spots in Europe.

In addition to having quality waves, the orientation of the beaches as well as the geology of the peninsula always allow you to choose a session adapted to the wind and wave conditions. Located in a natural and protected setting (Armorique Regional Park, Iroise Marine Park), enjoying these wide open spaces is a unique experience. Far from the busy beaches of the south of France, Brittany offers a quality stay without experiencing excessive tourist influxes.

The traveling Magnet Surf School takes you to the spots of La Palue, Goulien, Kersiguénou, Kerloch’...

Surf lessons at La Palue

Place renowned for its translucent blue waves. Five minutes from the port of Morgat, there are always waves rolling there. From a listed village, the very authentic access will transport you to the very special atmosphere of Cap de la Chèvre. Using the dunes as an observatory allows you to choose the best sandbank on the beach. This very wild beach-break (sandy beach) will surprise you in any season. The panoramic view extends from Pointe du Raz to Pointe de Saint Mathieu via the Tas de Pois at Pointe de Pen Hir. However, you must remain attentive when surfing. It is possible to encounter strong currents caused by Baïnes. This is the surf spot on the Crozon peninsula reserved for seasoned surfers and beginners when the waves are small.

Surf lessons in Kersiguénou and Goulien.

More sheltered than Palue beach, Kersiguénou and Goulien are ideal for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Long waves break gently on the sand in an idyllic setting. Enough to work on the “hang-five” for the most experienced.
Beneath its appearance as a beginner's surf spot, it is a beach that can hide dangers. There is no Baïne, but there are high tide currents, rocks and cliffs.

Surf lessons in Kerloch’.

Kerloch’ beach is sheltered from northerly winds and big swells. When all the other surf spots are saturated due to harsh conditions, this surf spot is ideal at low tide for novice surfers as well as experienced surfers. At the foot of impressive cliffs, the waves are gentle and suitable for surfing large boards such as longboards, Mini-Malibu, Mid-Lenght and retro-fish.

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Magnet Surf School provides you with free photos and videos of your surf courses. If Guillaume filmed you during lessons, you can download the photos.

Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72
Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72

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