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Magnet Surf welcomes you to Crozon on the road to Morgat and Camaret. You can sign up for group surf lessons as well as private lessons. If you are more independent, Magnet surf offers you to rent top-of-the-range foam boards for more safety as well as a wide range of epoxy boards to improve your skills and perform at La Palue and Goulien.

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The Magnet Surf School is based on the Crozon Peninsula in the far west of Brittany.

Five minutes from Morgat and a stone's throw from the town of Crozon, the surf school office welcomes you at 18 Boulevard Pralognan la Vanoise next the Crozon skatepark.

Thanks to the minibus and its trailer, Guillaume, the surf instructor, takes you to the beach of PalueGoulien or Kerloc'h depending on the conditions and your level. All the equipment is provided for the surf lesson (wetsuit, surfboard)!
The Presqu’île de Crozon, on the tip of Brittany, benefits from protected natural areas conducive to outdoor activities. You will find the most beautiful surf spots in France and Europe. In the heart of exceptional settings, you will be bathed in the atmosphere of the end of the world.

Guillaume is passionate. He will be able to guide you safely in your learning. It undertakes to follow an educational charter creating a link between different values ​​such as ecology, respect and pleasure. Guillaume is fluent in English and will be delighted to welcome surfers from all walks of life on our beautiful Brittany coast.
Looking forward to meeting you and sharing some waves!

Several formulas are proposed to you:
surf courses, private lessons.

The surf course formula on the Crozon Morgat peninsula in Brittany.

You will learn to surf in small groups of eight maximum. Surf lessons are organized according to your level, your age and the weather. It lasts three hours from leaving school until returning. The age limit to take a surf lesson at Magnet is 8 years old. The family course is often in the afternoon while the morning one is often dedicated to more experienced surfers.

Private surf lessons on the Crozon Morgat peninsula.

During private lessons, you will benefit from specific pedagogy. Guillaume accompanies you throughout your apprenticeship. At your side, he will be able to reassure you and guide you. You will leave with photos which will be accessible on the Magnet Surf website. It is a good way to analyze your technique and to keep beautiful memories.

You can also rent surfboards and wetsuits from the surf school.


Surfboard for hire Crozon Morgat Brittany France

You will find a wide choice of top-of-the-range surfboards for hire at Magnet Surf School in Crozon and Morgat.

We work with the best surfboard brands on the market. You will have the opportunity to surf high-performance boards HurricaneSoftech, Ocean&EarthIndioNSP. Magnet surf school boards are the result of the latest technological advances in terms of construction. Whether you are a beginner, initiated or an experienced surfer you will find the board that suits you.


From the reassuring foam board to the high-performance Epoxy resin board, a wide range is available to you. Depending on the wave conditions and your surfing level, Magnet Surf offers you longboards, eggs, mid-lengths, fish, shortboards...
If you have never had the opportunity to surf a retro single fin, a quatro or a twin fin, now is your chance!

Wetsuit rental at Magnet Surf School in Crozon Morgat.

The wetsuits for hire are Sooruz. If you are chilly, don't worry, the wetsuits at Magnet Surf are thick. 5/4 millimeter full wetsuits allow you to surf all year round. The little extra with the Sooruz wetsuits is that the "Blue Line" is Eco-Designed.


The surf suits are rinsed with a biodegradable, disinfectant and fungicide product: Bacterless.


Learn to surf safely

• Surf with a smile and friendliness.
• Play with the element.
• Learn to perform tricks.
• Understand the wave and its environment.
• Become familiar with and use the energy of the wave.
• Try and find a board suited to your level.
• Know the safety rules in order to gain autonomy.

Respect and understand the environment

• Observe a unique geological site.
• Discover the fauna and flora.
• Understand encounters with marine mammals and the approach to adopt.
• Understand the sensitivity of seabirds and their disturbance.
• Understand the fragility of marine and coastal ecosystems.
• Preserve an exceptional place of practice.

Build a surf culture

• Learn the rules of priorities.
• Understand the codes of surfing.
• Discover legendary surfers.
• The origin of surfing.
• Weather forecast.
• Wave formation.
• Explore surf culture.
• The Crozon peninsula: a land of legend.
• Know how to assess the risks and turn back.

Guillaume surf instructor Crozon Morgat Brittany France


A qualified instructor BPJEPS Surf and License STAPS.

Guillaume was born in Brest in 1984. He is passionate about surfing. Smiling and energetic, he will always find the best session for you. He was immersed in boating from an early age, he learned sailing at l’USAM and swimming at the CNB (Brest club). He made his mark by entering training and monitoring the beaches in the summer within the association of lifeguard swimmers of the SNSM de Brest. He then obtained a license in education and motricity (STAPS) at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale as well as the BPJEPS surfing at the ENVSN in Quiberon. Since then, the winter and summer seasons have alternated between ski lessons in the Alps, sailing and surfing lessons. He is a specialist in outdoor physical activities and specific environments.

His career is punctuated by his thirst for surfing, discovery and encounters.

It is often said that the Breton is a traveller. This was no exception for him! By crisscrossing Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Guillaume has forged an open outlook on the world. He is fluent in English and adapts to the variety of his audience.

He is aware of the development challenges of surfing and the fragility of practice environments. For him, creating a link between the different institutions and associations allows dialogue and the development of a more sustainable and respectful world. Magnet Surf School is a partner with the Office de Tourisme de Crozon the Parc Marin d’IroiseSurf Rider Foundation and Octopouce . Its commitments to the charters of these associations and the actions taken make Magnet Surf School a committed school.

The natural spaces of the Crozon peninsula must be protected and respected.

Crozon is a return to the roots for Guillaume. The Crozon peninsula is a unique environment that will allow him to pass on to you and bring to life his passion: surfing.


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Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72
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Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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