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Private surf lessons in Crozon Morgat Brittany

The private surf lessons is aimed at all levels. You will learn surfing faster!


Private Lesson

High ranged gear

Photo technical analysis

Lift from the school to the surf spot

Private surf lessons from March to November.

Private lessons are aimed at all levels. This formula will allow you to learn surfing more quickly than during group lessons. Practice times are not fixed and allow you to better adapt to wave conditions and tides. These surf lessons generally last three hours with travel included. The course starts at the surf school reception.

Three hours of private lessons for 1 or 2 persons


We work with the best surfboard brands on the market. 

You will have the opportunity to surf high-performance boards Hurricane, Softech, Ocean & Earth, Indio, Sic, NSP, Surftech. Magnet surf school boards are the result of the latest technological advances in terms of construction. Whether you are a beginner, initiated or an experienced surfer you will find the board that suits you.

Depending on the wave conditions and your surfing level, Magnet offers you longboards, eggs, mid-lengths, fish, shortboards...

If you've never had the opportunity to surf a retro single fin, a quatro or a twin end, this is the opportunity!

Crozon Morgat Brittany school surf brand

The Crozon Morgat peninsula and its famous surf spots.

A surfing experience on the most beautiful spots in Europe.

In addition to having quality waves, the orientation of the beaches as well as the geology of the peninsula always allow you to choose a session adapted to the wind and wave conditions. Located in a natural and protected setting (Parc Régional d’ArmoriqueParc Marin d’Iroise), enjoying these wide open spaces is a unique experience. Far from the affluence of the beaches of the south of France, Brittany offers a quality stay without suffering excessive tourist influxes.

The traveling school Magnet Surf School takes you to the spots of La Palue, Goulien, Kersiguénou, Kerloch'...


Registration for private surf lessons

Nothing could be simpler to register for a private surf lesson at Magnet Surf School!

Once I have found a place for you on the schedule, you can pay the deposit by bank transfer. You will find the surf school's RIB on the registration form. The amount of the deposit corresponds to 60% of the total cost of the formula. Once the deposit is in the school's account, I will send you an email to confirm registration.

You can consult the conditionsIt is preferable to complete and send the registration form one week in advance to be sure of having availability. You can also give me a call or drop by the surf school office to sign up. Once I have found you a place on the schedule, you can pay the deposit by bank transfer.
You can consult the Terms of Sales.

In case you do it at the last moment, no worries!
Contact me directly: I will try to find you a place in the slot that suits you.


A specific pedagogy

A qualified instructor accompanies you throughout your learning.

Guillaume will know how to reassure you if you are not comfortable in the waves. Surfing can be learned at any age and whatever your size. You will succeed in getting up on the board, guaranteed!

Learning to surf is also knowing how to forge a sense of the sea.

Before going surfing you will observe in detail the weather forecast on the websites before leaving for surf lessons (you will find the shortcuts on the weather forecast page of the magnet surf website). Getting into the habit of looking at forecasts means being able to compare them with actual conditions.

We will then take you to the surf spot on the Crozon peninsula best suited to your level and the weather conditions. On the beach, it will be interesting to observe its profile and possible dangers. The shape of the waves will allow us to deduce their power. The surface of the water will give us indications of the sea currents.
If the tide is low, it will also be an opportunity to analyze the Baïne systems on the beaches of La Palue and Kerdreux.
Once in the water, the instructor will accompany you to the line up. It will help you position yourself in such a way as to catch as many waves as possible while respecting the priority rules. If the conditions allow it, it will give you a little boost when catching the wave.

The management of fear: a guarantee of progress.

If you had a bad experience in the big waves, this will be the opportunity to talk about it with the instructor. Accompanied by a professional, this often allows you to be reassured. You will then take the biggest waves of your life without even realizing it!

Surfing technique leaves no room for improvisation.

In private lessons, you will approach the surfing technique in a specific way. This will be an opportunity for the instructor to analyze your gestures precisely and to highlight the points for improvement. You have to imagine the progression in surfing as a series of doors to cross. Guillaume will be there to give you the keys when the time comes.
For the more experienced among you, you will work on themes such as wave entry, take-off, bottom-turn, top-turn, replacement manoeuvres...
Aquatic photos and videos will allow you to have an objective view of how you surf. This will allow you to better target and understand your weak points. It will also be an opportunity to play it with your friends by showing them what you are capable of on the spots of the Crozon peninsula!

If you surf regularly enough you will discover new muscles!

How to organize before and after the surf lesson.

Before coming to the surf lesson

-In the event of a medical problem, it is important to keep the instructor informed.
-Hydrate and eat well before class.
-For asthmatics, remember to take your Ventolin with you.
-Be sure to apply water proof sunscreen with a high protection factor (especially on the face and hands). UV protection is important even when the sky is cloudy.
-If you have a training booklet attesting to your level (FFS surfing passport), do not hesitate to take it with you.
-Bring a bathing suit and a towel.

After the surf

-Stay hydrated, eat well.
-Use after-sun.
-Rest and have a good night before the next surf lesson.
-If you have the courage, stretch! It is better to wait a bit (at least five hours after the surf session). Remember, remember to breathe and never force.



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Magnet Surf School provides you with free photos and videos of your surf courses. If Guillaume filmed you during the lessons, you can download the photos.

Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72
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Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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