The magnet surf terrace to enjoy a poke bowl after the surf lesson.
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Face au Bowl: poke bowl, coffee and terrace in Crozon, Morgat

Face au Bowl restaurant welcomes you to serve you Poke Bowls, burritos and coffees. You can eat in or take away. Take advantage of a sunny terrace to taste Camille's specialities. There is always a vegan and gluten free option.

The restaurant is backed by Magnet Surf on the road to surf spots and Camaret, Morgat and Crozon.

Face au Bowl is located on the beach road at 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise, in Crozon. You can enjoy its terrace before the surf session or after a lesson.

Camille also does take-out meals so that you can enjoy poke bowls and burritos for an impromptu picnic on the most beautiful sites of the Crozon peninsula.

Camille thought of everyone. There is easy access for people with reduced mobility.

Slow Food restaurant offering vegan dishes on the Crozon peninsula.

Camille's cuisine is inspired by this trip. She brings together a wide range of flavors inspired by different dishes she discovered while traveling the world and surf spots.

So she managed to develop a menu that suits everyone. Omnivores, vegans and vegetarians are all welcome at Face au Bowl.

As Camille often says: “at first they come to eat raw fish, but very quickly they discover falafels and vegetarian croquettes which become one of their favorite dishes! ".

Everyone finds happiness at Face au Bowl!

Face au Bowl, a place devoted to sharing and idleness, on a sunny terrace all day long and sheltered when the weather turns bad.

The magnet surf terrace to enjoy a poke bowl after the surf lesson.

Our ideally exposed terrace will allow you to enjoy the sun throughout the day

The terrace is very pleasant all year round. Camille welcomes you in a colorful and warm atmosphere. You will find a place in the sun or in the shade. When the weather turns bad, you can also take shelter.

Accompanied by a burrito or a poke bowl, come and discover the beer menu at happy hour. You will also find non-alcoholic options for sports enthusiasts!

Seasonal and local products at Face au bowl.

Face au Bowl, healthy food made up of products from sustainable agriculture and fishing.

At Face au Bowl you will eat products from sustainable and local agriculture. Sea bass, pollack and tuna come from the fishing port of Camaret.

Camille: The chef

Camille welcomes you to Face au Bowl in Crozon Morgat; to serve you poke bowls, burritos, pastries and coffee.

Camille is a pure butter Breton from Lorient.
She traveled the world for several years in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Born from a strong culinary culture, she supported her knowledge by traveling. Visiting the different regions of the world and its flavors, she has worked in the best houses in Savoy, Corsica, Brittany, Australia and New Zealand.

She worked for several seasons in beautiful Michelin-starred establishments, such as Chabichou in Courchevel and La Roya in Saint Florent.
She knew how to forge a rich and eclectic experience. Between oceans and mountains.
It is on the Crozon peninsula, close to her family and friends, that she decides to put down her suitcases.

For her, creating a friendly and pleasant place makes perfect sense. She often says
“For adventures to be beautiful, they must be experienced accompanied by the people you love. »

It was with the support and wise advice of his brother Lucas that they designed and developed the layout of the kiosk and the terrace.

A beautiful story of sharing, friendship and family.

Face au Bowl un lieu consacré au partage et au farniente, sur une terrasse ensoleillée toute la journée et à l’abri lorsque le temps se gâte.

The different dishes offered by Face au Bowl

Poke Bowls

The poke bowls in Crozon Morgat Camaret, Face au Bowl.

Our bowls are made up right in front of your eyes, for guaranteed freshness. Fresh and tasty products. Besides, we can thank Fred and Jessy, Mike and Régis, from whom we supply ourselves and who allow us every day to offer you the best products.
We like to surprise you with new flavors and new textures, be curious and let yourself be guided.

Here, you will simply have to choose whether you are part of the fish, meat or veggie team, the rest we take care of.

Our bowls are composed of a rice base, topped with vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs. As you will have understood, there is no exhaustive list of our fruits and vegetables, it is Mother Nature who chooses for us.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous, you will find the poke bowl that suits you.

The burritos

Burritos at Crozon Morgat Camaret, Face au Bowl.

We absolutely want to feed you efficiently while providing you with maximum pleasure!
Gourmet, gourmet burritos are there for you and just for you!

Camille loves to give affectionate little nicknames. In our country, burritos are more commonly called ……. The Bigritos

Our burritos are prepared before your eyes, toasted by the minute, they are crispy and delicious. They are composed of a base of yellow rice, garnished with raw vegetables, red beans, meat or veggie croquettes, a super cream of homemade peppers and cheese.

You guessed it, empty bellies don't behave well.

Whatever your desires, you will find your favorite Biggytos.

The desserts

Gourmet desserts at Face au Bowl, vegan and gluten-free cuisine.

We take special care of all our customers. But yes!

Whether you are vegan or gluten intolerant, or just “sweet snout”.

Facing the bowl will always find an option for you, or two or three if you are greedy. Camille offers you a daily selection of desserts, pastries, vegan, gluten-free and traditional lichouseries.
Don't fight, there will be something for everyone.

You will discover original cannelés made with coconut milk and rum of course. Delicious chocolate mousses without eggs, but with super chocolate inside. Roasted hazelnut cookies that rip and get you addicted.
Not to mention soft muffins.

Gourmands, gourmets, our desserts are waiting for you.


Coffee in Crozon Morgat Camaret, on site or to take away.

Want to enjoy our sunny terrace while enjoying your morning cappuccino, or take it to go with your favorite muffin to go check the waves.

You want to please your work colleagues, a stop and go at Face au Bowl before starting your day, a coffee-cookie for everyone and that's it.

Easy access on foot, by bike or by car, several car parks nearby, ten minutes from the beaches.

Logo Face au Bowl.
Logo Face au Bowl.

Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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