Finding the Surf School in Crozon Morgat in Brittany

You will find the Magnet Surf School office at 18 Boulevard Pralognan in Crozon near the skatepark and the gendarmerie.

Times may vary outside school holidays, but during the tourist season you will find Guillaume or Camille at the reception. If you decide to come by bike, you can park it in front of the surf school. Magnet Surf School is located on the greenway, this cycle path allows you to travel by bike in complete safety. By car, you can easily park in the parking lot of the surf school or on the other side of the boulevard. And as it is located on a major axis, it allows holidaymakers from Telgruc, Lanvéoc, Roscanvel, Tal Ar Groaz, Argol to be able to access surf lessons without venturing too much into traffic. The goal is to favor carpooling in order to unclog the small roads and beach parking lots as well as to make a gesture for the environment. 


The second option is to pick you up directly where you are staying on the peninsula out of season.

This will be the case for groups or private lessons out of season. The schedules can then be variable depending on your activities for the day and the weather conditions.

Magnet Surf School is a partner of the Octopouce association which encourages organized hitchhiking on the Crozon peninsula. In this sense, the school encourages you to share your journeys and promote ecological travel. Register on the Octopouce website!

Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com
Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com

Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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