Lexicon and vocabulary of Surfing

The sea and the waves

路 Beach break : waves breaking on a sandy bottom.

路 Curl : hollowest part of the wave.

路 Right : wave rolling to the right of the starting surfer.

路 Flat : ocean without waves.

路 Left : wave rolling to the left of the starting surfer.

路 Glassy : ocean offering a smooth gliding surface with no wind or offshore wind.

路 Inside : wave breaking zone.

路 Line up : area where surfers wait for the breaking of the wave.

路 Peak : point where the breaking of the wave begins.

路 Point break : breaking wave on rock bottom.

路 Reef break : wave unrolling on a coral bottom.

路 Set : wave series.

路 Shore break : wave breaking directly on the edge of the shore.

路 Spot : place where we surf.

路 Swell : swell.

路 Wind on shore : offshore wind crushing the waves.

路 Offshore wind: land wind creating waves.

Surfing maneuvers

路 Aerial : takeoff above the wave.

路 Bottom turn : turn at the bottom of the wave and pick up speed.

路 Cut back : long inside turn to return to the foam.

路 Floater : controlled skid on the edge of the wave.

路 Kick-out : jump behind the wave.

路 Off the lip : turn on the lip of the wave.

路 Re-entry : skating on the lip of a closing wave.

路 Roller : turn at the top of the wave.

路 Session : surf time.

路 Take off : departure on the wave and first descent.

路 Three sixty : full turn.

路 Tube : the surfer enters the roll formed by the wave.

路 Wipe Out : unclassifiable maneuver or very very beautiful fall.

Positions on the surfboard

路 Backside : standing on the board.

路 Frontside : standing facing the wave.

路 Goofy foot : right foot forward.

路 Natural foot : left foot forward (regular).

Surfing Gear

路 Gun : big wave board, tapered, between 8' and 10'.

路 Leash : cord that holds the board to the surfer.

路 Lycra : anti-irritation T-shirt worn under the suit.

路 Pad : non-slip.

路 Shorty : wetsuit with short sleeves, short legs in neoprene.

路 Wax : paraffin that is put on the board so as not to slip.

路 Shaper : from English (shape). The one who designs and manufactures the board.

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Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com

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