Surfing weather forecast from Palue Goulien of Crozon Morgat 

Weather forecast is one of the essential parameters to master when you become independent in surfing. 

Magnet Surf School will help you read and interpret the weather forecasts so that your session is best suited to your level, and to avoid unnecessary trips in search of the best waves!

The wind, the swell, the tides are all factors determining the quality of your sessions

Conditions conducive to learning are small waves. It is essential to respect your progression levels. As the surfing activity involves a large part of emotion whatever your level, you must absolutely avoid scaring yourself. For this, you must master the forecasts in order to compare them to your capacities. Whether for your personal practice or for surf lessons with Magnet, it is interesting to know how to interpret this data. 


You must also be able to detect potential dangers by observing the body of water. 

Remember that the observation at the water's edge is proportional to the size of the waves. For one meter of wave, observe ten minutes and for three meters thirty minutes. The longer the swell period (the time between each swell train), the more careful you need to be.
Be humble when you go surfing!

Weather web-sites for La Palue and Goulien in Crozon Morgat

Windy Brittany

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Windy is one of the most powerful weather forecast apps you will find. Indeed, instead of just bringing the good old temperature forecasts, chances of rain and all that we are used to seeing, this application also allows you to accurately check the wind, swell, temperature and even the risks of thunderstorms as well as lightning strikes.

You can select what you want to observe on the right side of the screen. Flip animation for weekly forecasts.

Windy is indeed a powerful tool to know the weather around the world.

Windguru la Palue

Windguru is a weather forecast site that you absolutely must master if you don't want to miss a session. This weather forecast site offers you to analyze several models such as GFS, Arome, Zéphir.
You will find different indications on the weather characteristics of your favorite surf spots.
The first two lines concern the wind force in knots. The third line, the direction of it.
The fourth line indicates the forecast swell size and the fifth its period (the time between two swell trains). The period of the swell will give you a valuable indication of its power. The farther the swell forms from shore, the faster it moves and generates power.
The seventh line tells us about a factor that does not affect the quality of the waves because it is the temperature.
The next three lines show cloud cover as a function of altitude.
Finally, the last line indicates the precipitation forecast in millimetres.

At first this site is not easy to learn, but you will see, when you master it, it will be your best friend.

Tide Info Morgat

It is important to organize your surf sessions according to the tides. Indeed, several indications will allow you to optimize your outings at sea. On this website you will find the tide times in Morgat as well as the coefficients.
In general, at low tide the waves are more hollow. However, when the sea is very high, it can generate a dangerous shore wave called Shore Break.
During high tides, that is to say the strong coefficient; there may be stronger currents than usual as the water movements are greater.

La Bouée des Pierres Noires

The meteorological sites previously described are forecast sites. The Black Stones Buoy website compiles real-time readings from a weather buoy off the coast of Brittany. It takes thirty minutes for the swell to reach the Crozon peninsula. You will find valuable indications such as swell size, period, direction and spread. Be careful, the size of the swell is not necessarily the size of the wave that you observe on the surf spots. Indeed, the longer the period, the more consistent the waves will be. The direction of this one is a determining factor on a cut coast as in Brittany. Some surf spots will not receive the swell in the same way. The spreading is a marker allowing to deduce the quality of the swell.

The diabox in Morgat

The diabox weather station in Morgat is located at the end of the harbor breakwater. It will be able to give you precise information on the strength and direction of the wind. You can select real-time, hourly, or five-minute readings. Beware though because this weather station is sheltered from south and southwest winds.
The waves will be of better quality if the wind is offshore, that is to say, it comes from the land.

If you have any questions about these different sites, do not hesitate to raise the subject while surfing!

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Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com

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