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The surf Club in Crozon Morgat Bretagne

The club formula consists of taking surf lessons on a weekly basis.

Presentation image of the Morgat Crozon Magnet Surf School surf school club.

The Surf Club

Intended for peninsulars

Boards and wetsuits provided

Lift from school to surf spot

The surf club at Crozon Morgat

The club formula is intended for the inhabitants of the peninsula from March to November. There are no surf sessions during school holidays. The lessons, lasting 3 hours, take place on saturday mornings and afternoons. In order to be able to offer quality lessons, the groups are made up of homogeneous surfing levels. The age of the surfers is also a factor to take into account when forming groups.
The objectives of the lessons are to learn to surf in complete safety, to raise awareness of respect for the environment and to discover the surfing culture. Magnet Surf School is committed to respecting its educational charter.

Access to autonomy is the Leitmotif of these Saturday classes. Guillaume will be able to guide you as you progress. You can try different surfboards to find the one that best suits your expectations and your style. You will learn basic safety rules and analysis of weather forecasts. In a relaxed atmosphere, the goal is not to bring you to the competition but to introduce you to this sport with respect and good understanding on the surf spots.

You will be led to discover the protected natural areas of the Crozon peninsula. Guillaume will help you understand how the dune ecosystem works and how to protect this fragile habitat. You will surf in an exceptional geological site!
Surfing, in addition to being a sport, is also an alternative culture. The origin of surfing, through its evolution, brings us back to the evolution of our society.

Always in the water by your side, Guillaume will be in touch with you during the surf sessions.

For any information and registration do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

15€ per course

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The educational project of the Surf School

Magnet Surf School s'engage à suivre une charte pédagogique.

Several main areas are covered in the surf lessons at the Magnet Surf School. We are committed to providing you with quality content according to your expectations. Depending on your level and your aspirations, we will discuss the surfing technique that best suits you. We will also study the fundamentals of the discipline: the weather forecast, the analysis of the dangers of surf spots, the frequentation of beaches. These are aspects that will allow you to forge a surfing culture and adopt consistent practice strategies. Finally, as we practice in natural spaces, it is important to know the specificities. you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to observe birds in the dune areas and more rarely marine mammals.

This pedagogical charter allows us to ensure quality content during surf lessons and to set targeted learning objectives.

Motor, cultural and environmental learning objectives allowing rapid and reasoned access to autonomy.

Acquisition of motor behaviors aimed at the access to the autonomy of the practitioner in the waves.

Beginner level.

Being able to pass under foam without the board.
Take a foam lying on the surf.
Understand the concept of front / rear balance.
Stand up on the surfboard.
Adopt a relaxed position to maintain balance.
Orientation in a foam.

Confirmed level.

Evolve efficiently on the water.
Adopt the right timing for the turnaround.
Stay underwater for a few moments after a fall.
Protect yourself and protect others.
Take enough Ramon speed.
Succeed in catching unbroken waves.
Change direction on a foam.

Advanced level.

Surf in a relaxed and stylish way.
Adopt a rhythm on the wave (flow) associated with breathing.
Changing direction on a non-breaking wave.
Begin to adopt segmental dissociation.
Adopt a consistent posture when surfing backside and frontside.
Use the curl of the ring and adopt a suitable evolution project.

Educational values ​​aimed at respecting the ocean as well as other users.

Respect and understanding of the marine environment.

Knowing how to position yourself on the body of water according to the surfers in the line up and also in relation to the quality of the waves.
Observe the surf spots and deduce the possible dangers: currents, rocks, shore-break.
Study low pressure systems as well as wave formation (fetch).
Find out about the water temperature associated with seasonality and find suitable equipment.

Respect and understanding of other practitioners.

Show up at the surf spot.
Inform and encourage novice surfers.
Respect priorities.
Wait your turn at the Line-Up.
Choose a beach according to its level and its attendance.
Be aware of difficult access to a surf spot.

Surfing culture.

Be aware of the main notions of shape.
Discuss the different board and wetsuit construction technologies.
Know the history of the origins of surfing in the world and in Brittany.
Reduce its environmental impact.
Know how to get informed when you go on a surf trip.

Sensitization of surfers to the protection of natural practice areas.

Respect the marked trails.
Bring litter from the beach as soon as possible and use the tide bins.
Understand and respect the changes.
Learn about natural hazards such as stingrays, jellyfish, sharks...
Use ECO-built and durable equipment.
Use suitable parking spaces.
Understand the importance of the sea line.
Discover the different means of getting around on the Crozon Morgat peninsula.
Adopt responsible conduct.

How to organize before and after the surf lesson.

Before coming to the surf lesson

-In the event of a medical problem, it is important to keep the instructor informed.
-Hydrate and eat well before class.
-For asthmatics, remember to take your Ventolin with you.
-Be sure to apply water proof sunscreen with a high protection factor (especially on the face and hands). UV protection is important even when the sky is cloudy.
-If you have a training booklet attesting to your level (FFS surfing passport), do not hesitate to take it with you.
-Bring a bathing suit and a towel.

After the surf lesson Stay

-Stay hydrated, eat well.
-Use after-sun.
-Rest and have a good night before the next surf lesson.
-If you have the courage, stretch! It is better to wait a bit (at least five hours after the surf session). Remember, remember to breathe and never force.



La Palue surf school.

Magnet Surf School provides you free photos and videos of your surf courses. If Guillaume filmed you during the lessons, you can download the photos.

Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com
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Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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