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Magnet Surf School gives you free photos and videos of your surf lessons. If Guillaume filmed you during the lessons, you can download the photos by clicking on the icon below. You will be redirected to a download site; you can even order photo albums!

Some pictures of the Crozon peninsula

Winter landscape at the Palue beach on the Crozon peninsula.Beautiful barrels on the Crozon peninsula.Sunset on Goulien beach.A raptor perched at the bend of a GR 34 trail in Crozon.Palue beach ideal for surfing for experienced surfers.La préparation de la mise à l'eau lors d'un cours de surf de l'école Magnet Surf School.
A gull in its natural environment at the Cap de la Chèvre in Morgat.Palue Beach. Perfect waves on the Crozon peninsula.Preparation for launching during a surf lesson at Magnet Surf School.Sunset over the castle of Dinan in Crozon.Goulien beach, spot for beginner surfers. It is close to the Goulien campsite.Swell lines arriving on the Breton coast.
Virgin waves from the top of the path crossing the dune.One of the beaches of the Crozon peninsula.La Palue and its quality waves.A fragile fauna to be respected in the heart of the Armorican Regional Park.Surfing lessons in crystal clear water at Crozon-Morgat.Bottom turn of the Magnet Surf School instructor.Perfect waves for Magnet Surf School surf lessons.
The island of Aber taken from the GR 34 near the menhir.Port of Morgat at sunset.Portsic beach in Morgat.Sunset on the Bretany coast.Sunset on the Breton coast.Bay of Douarnenez, an exceptional landscape.Landscape from Cap de la Chevre to Crozon Morgat.
Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72
Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72

Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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