Surfboard and Wetsuit Rental in Crozon Morgat Brittany

Magnet Surf offers you a wide selection of high-end foam and hardboard surfboards. The surf suits are comfortable and thick, they will keep you warm whatever the season.


Surfboard rental in Crozon Morgat.

You will find a wide choice of high-end surfboards for rent at Magnet Surf School in Crozon and Morgat.

We work with the best surfboard brands on the market. You will have the opportunity to surf high-performance boards  HurricaneSoftech, Ocean&EarthIndioSicNSP. Magnet surf school boards are the result of the latest technological advances in terms of construction. Whether you are a beginner, initiated or an experienced surfer you will find the board that suits you.


From the reassuring foam board to the high-performance Epoxy resin board, a wide range is available to you. Depending on the wave conditions and your surfing level, Magnet offers you longboards, eggs, mid-lengths, fish, shortboards...
If you've never had the opportunity to surf a retro single fin, a quatro or a twin end, this is the opportunity!

Wetsuit rental at Magnet Surf School in Crozon Morgat.

The wetsuits for hire are Sooruz. If you are chilly, don't worry, the wetsuits at Magnet Surf are thick. 5/4 millimeter full wetsuits allow you to surf all year round. The little extra with the Sooruz wetsuits is that the "Blue Line" is Eco Designed.


The surf suits are rinsed with a biodegradable, disinfectant and fungicide product: Bacterless.

Prices for surfboard and wetsuit rental in Crozon Morgat.


Different surfboards for hire in Crozon - Morgat


Ocean Storm Hurricane surfboards

Ocean Storm surfboard technology

These boards perfectly combine the advantages of an EPS foam board and the performance of a Fish.
Although accessible, these surfboards have a design and construction that will provide room for improvement. Indeed, they have a 6Oz epoxy layer for greater durability and better responsiveness in fast waves.
It should be noted that in order to allow ever greater performance, it is equipped with future thin boxes.

The hybrid from Ocean Storm Hurricane

7’0 x 21 x 2 ¾       36 Liter

A Hybrid Board designed to be forgiving and easy to ride! With a low entry rocker, you'll be able to catch whatever your heart desire.

The hybrid board from Ocean Storm is a surfboard suitable for experienced and advanced surfers. It is suitable for small waves and medium waves. This will be an opportunity to start and perfect your maneuvers with this mid-length.

The Vampire Twin from Ocean Storm Hurricane

5’8 x 20 ⅞ x 2 ½      32.5 Liter

This will probably be your most fun board this year!
This little missile has a nice wide area under your front foot and a flattened rocker! The real magic, however, lies in the combination of inverted V concave and dual channel.

The vampire twin is mainly intended for experienced surfers who want to have fun and find control and maneuverability on a high-performance foam board in small waves.


Top Dog boards from Ocean Storm

Top Dog board technology

The introduction of the Top dog OS means the range is getting tougher, literally! The Ocean Storm team answered the call for PU (hard) boards.

The shape of Top Dog boards

6'8 x 22 ⅓ x 3 ½     62 Liter
7'4 x 22 ⅔ x 3 ¾     70 Liter
8'4 x 23 ⅓ x 3 ⅔     83 Liter

Focusing on fun hybrid and minimal shapes with added volume and of course extra fiber reinforcement, the Top Dog series is the perfect transition board from soft foam board to regular fiberglass. Futures stock fin plugs are standard on all Top Dog series boards to put in the fins you want.


Surfboards at New Surf Project

Protech board technology at NSP

The Elements Funboard is a perfect board for lovers of weekend sessions or those who simply want an easy board to paddle and quiet on the wave!

Boards made with Protech epoxy technology have a polystyrene foam core, fiberglass laminated with epoxy resin, carbon reinforcements at the tail, and a matte paint finish. The result is a lightweight, tough epoxy surfboard at an incredible price.

This board is also recognized by the Sustainable Surf Foundation as a level one eco-friendly board, in their rating. 

The Shape of The Element Fun Board by NSP

7’2 x 21 ½ x 2 ¾      49 Liter
8’0 x 21 ¾ x 2 ¾      60 Liter

On the hull of the board, there is a single concave ending in a vee to offer a smooth and easy rail transition. For the sake of maneuverability, the tail is also more refined. Combined with thruster-mounted fins, this board is easy to handle and stable! The outline of this board is well rounded at the nose and a round tail. It is voluminous and provides stability and speed. The goal is to progress in the best conditions. In order to keep a maximum volume, the rails are full.

This surfboard is available as a combo. This means that it is possible to surf it as a quad or as a thruster.

These boards are suitable for initiated surfers wanting to progress by switching to more versatile surfboards. They are also intended for good surfers when the waves are small or lack power.


Surfboards at Ocean And Earth

Board technology SSB Surf School 

boards are Epoxy surfboards covered with an EVA coating. They have flexible fins that prevent any risk of injury in the event of a collision. Thanks to the handle you can easily transport it from the car park to the beach. There are even markings on the board to help you position yourself correctly.

The Shape of SSB Surf School 

7'0 x 23 x 3 ½         71 Liter
7'6 x 23 ½ x 3 ½     78 Liter
8'0 x 24 ½ x 2 ¾      94 Liter

The Surf School Surfboard by Ocean & Earth is a perfect board to start surfing. A board that is accessible, versatile and durable. Its advanced finish on the deck guarantees learning in complete safety. Its rigid construction provides good gliding sensations and good responsiveness underfoot. A fun board to start and progress at your own pace.

The SSB Surf School Soft Board range features shapes designed by former ASP World Champion Phil 'Macca' Macdonald, specifically aimed at performance and durability.

Just like standard surfboards, learn-to-surf boards should be designed to maximize the abilities of the surfer at all levels. The SSB board has been computer designed to create a high performance learner surfboard, which allows faster progression of surfing ability in all age groups.


Surfboards of Softech

Softech Roller Board Technology 

Its foam construction and its 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS (a waterproof high-density epoxy block) make it a reassuring, solid and very fun board. Two slats stiffen the construction.

The surface covering of the deck is also made of foam. The shocks become almost pleasant!

Le Shape of Softech Roller

6'0 x 21 ¼ x 2 ¾      54 Liter
6'6 x 22 ¼ x 3          61 Liter
7'0 x 22 ¼ x 3 ¼      66 Liter
7'6 x 22 ¼ x 3 ¼      71 Liter
8'0 x 24 x 3 ⅓          94 Liter

The Softech Roller is the ideal foam surfboard for beginner surfers looking for rapid surfing progression. Wider and with a greater volume, it will allow you to succeed in all your take-offs and thus catch all the waves that you have always coveted. Thanks to the Softech Roller you will benefit from rapid progress in terms of wave reading, take off, and your trajectory on the shoulder. The surfboard has a carrying handle, to easily transport your board from spot to spot.

No more straight lines, long left-right lines! For the more adventurous you will be able to do some nose-riding tricks.

Sooruz wetsuits from the surf school


The French brand Sooruz from La Rochelle offers warm, resistant and comfortable surf suits.

With the Blue Line, the French brand signs a great first: equipping surf schools with eco-designed wetsuits. It uses innovative materials, recycled materials, and more ecological manufacturing processes. These wetsuits provide freedom of movement, flexibility and comfort. They are easy to put on and keep you warm in the surf conditions of the Crozon peninsula.


Wetsuit technologies at Magnet Surf. 

- Wetsuits are made of recycled polyester jersey and Limestone limestone-based neoprene.
- The collar of the wetsuit and optimize in terms of cut and manufacture to minimize irritation.
- The seams are sewn and glued which guarantees optimal waterproofing.
- The suits are ergonomic due to the flexibility of the materials, the cuts and the experience of Sooruz.
To sum up, you will be warm without being hampered in your movements. These wetsuits are eco-designed which is a significant asset for us: nature lovers.

The rules of conviviality, security and priorities. 

regle convivialite-savoir-vivre-surf-crozon-morgat

Règles de convivialité et de savoir-vivre à l'eau

Favor a less populated spot
Say hello when you get to the line-up
Do not place yourself directly at the peak
Wait your turn
Do not chain the good waves without leaving anything to others
If you are a beginner, be careful not to get in the way of other surfers. Respect the rules of surfing: priorities.
Do not forget that our playground is on the public domain and that everyone can enjoy it: swimmers, fishermen, kiteboarders, surfers...
Patience is the best asset for a good session.

Safety rules


I know how to swim
I always go out with a leash
In water below eighteen degrees I wear a full wetsuit
If I am a beginner I stay in the foam or in small waves
I use a foam board
I do not do not surf the shore break
I protect my head in the event of a fall
If I am swept away by the current, I do not panic, I do not try to return to the beach directly and I stay on my board

Priority rules

Surfer A is priority over surfer B because he is closest to the breaking wave.
When you go back to the line-up, you have to avoid being in the path of another surfer.
When passing under a wave or falling, avoid letting go of your board in the direction of another user.

On the Crozon peninsula you will always find a wave adapted to your level, but be careful!


The general rental conditions of the Surf School 

Article 1 - Availability and conditions of use.

Renters of surfing equipment are required to make good use of it and to respect safety instructions when using them. Prior to making the property available, its tenant must check its general condition. If necessary, the tenant is required to immediately report any damage to the board to Magnet Surf School staff. No subsequent complaint will be accepted. The tenant must respect the legislation in force concerning the protection of the coastline (parking, respect for marked trails, deposit of waste…). Renters must provide a valid phone number so the school can contact them at any time in the event of a hazardous weather event.

Article 2 - Responsibility of the tenant with regard to Magnet Surf.

The tenant will be held responsible for all damage caused to surfing equipment during the rental period, whether or not he is the author.
In the event of material damage, the tenant will be required to pay the surf school the value of the repairs to be provided, according to the prices indicated below.
Small ding : 30€
Big ding ( more than 3cm) : 50€
Fins : 20€ per fins
Plug snatch : 40€ per plug 
Stolen or broken board : 400€
Stolen or lost wetsuit : 100€
Ripped wetsuit : 50€

Article 3 - Responsibility of the tenant with regard to third parties.

The tenant is responsible for the use of the surf equipment during the entire rental period. As such, he is responsible for all bodily injury and / or material damage suffered or caused to third parties during its use, whether or not he is the perpetrator. He must scrupulously respect the rules of priorities.

Article 4 - Insurance.

The tenant must be insured for civil liability. Magnet Surf School cannot be held liable in the event of failure of such insurance.

Article 5 - Deposit

When the equipment is made available by the lessor, the lessee must leave a valid identity card (passport / national identity card / driving license) or a check for the value of the rented goods as a deposit. When the equipment is returned, the deposit is returned to the tenant.

Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72
Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72

Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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