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Brittany, a land of surfing

Photo of a secret spot on the Crozon peninsula.

The Breton coast…

Along the coast, over some 2700 kilometers jagged with cliffs and rocks, the Breton coast offers a playground unique in Europe . Due to its projection in the Atlantic Ocean, its location makes it possible to capture a maximum of swell orientations. Depending on the weather conditions, it is always possible to find a good session. Several surf zones characterize Breton surfing. You probably know the most famous surf spots like La Torche, the Quiberon peninsula, the bay of Audierne, the Crozon peninsula, the beaches of Locquirec...
All these places have one thing in common: a variety of spot configurations. A Breton surfer has a sense of the sea developed thanks to the specificities of his practice environment and the disciplines attached to this nautical territory. It is common to share surf sessions with windsurfers and kite-surfers.

The advantage of these configurations is to offer beaches suitable for beginners close to surf spots for the more experienced.

Here when we start, we are led more quickly towards autonomy. The gently sloping sandy beaches allow step-by-step and risk-free learning. We are far from the violence of the waves of the southwest which require a technical background and a high physical commitment. Good surfers will be delighted by the variety of reef break and beach break. They will find what they are looking for regardless of their style of practice (longboard, shortboard, stand up paddle, bodyboard, waveski, etc.).

Don't forget that these places are protected natural sites and that it is important to respect the access trails.

You will be surfing on surf spots far from access, so you must remain humble in your practice. Observing and gathering information at the water's edge will save you from stupid accidents.

With a strong surfing identity, Brittany is ideal for beginners or for improving.

The Crozon Morgat peninsula and its famous surf spots.


A surfing experience on the most beautiful spots in Europe.

In addition to having quality waves, the orientation of the beaches as well as the geology of the peninsula always allow you to choose a session adapted to the wind and wave conditions. Located in a natural and protected setting (Parc Régional d’ArmoriqueParc Marin d’Iroise)  enjoying these wide open spaces is a unique experience. Far from the affluence of the beaches of the south of France, Brittany offers a quality stay without suffering excessive tourist influxes.

The traveling school Magnet Surf School takes you to the spots of La Palue, Goulien, Kersiguénou, Kerloch'...

Surf lessons at La Palue

renowned for its translucent blue waves. Five minutes from the port of Morgat, there are always waves rolling there. From a listed village, the very authentic access will transport you to the very special atmosphere of Cap de la Chèvre. Using the dunes as an observatory makes it possible to choose the best sandbank on the beach. This very wild beach-break (sandy beach) will surprise you in all seasons. The panoramic view stretches from the Pointe du Raz to the Pointe de Saint Mathieu via the Tas de Pois at the Pointe de Pen Hir. However, you have to be careful when surfing there. It is possible to encounter strong currents caused by Baïnes. This is the surf spot on the Crozon peninsula reserved for experienced surfers and beginners when the waves are small.

Surf lessons in Kersiguénou and Goulien

More sheltered than the Plage de la Palue, Kersiguénou and Goulien are ideal for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Long waves break over sand with flexibility in an idyllic setting. Enough to work on the “hang-fives” for the most experienced.

Beneath its appearance as a beginner's surf spot, it is a beach that can hide dangers. There is no Baïne, but there are high tide currents, rocks and cliffs.

Surf lessons at Kerloch'

Kerloch' beach is sheltered from northerly winds and large swells. When all the other surf spots saturate due to overly muscular conditions, this surf spot is ideal at low tide for novice surfers as well as experienced surfers. At the foot of impressive cliffs, the waves are gentle and suitable for surfing large boards such as longboards, Mini-Malibu, Mid-Lenght and retro-fish.

On the Crozon peninsula you will always find a wave adapted to your level, but be careful!

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Contact magnet surf school 06 76 23 88 72 contact@magnetsurf.com

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