Holiday Lessons

Image de présentation déroulement annuel des stages de l'école Magnet Surf School.

✓ Lessons of 3H and 2H30 for the little ones

✓ Boards and wetsuits provided

✓ Meeting point in front of the Crozon tourist office

Private Lessons

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✓ High-end equipment provided

✓ Technical video analysis

✓ Possibility of transport from your home

Surf Camp

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✓ Pick-ups from Brest airport or train station

✓ Surf lessons with transport included

✓Luxury wetsuit and board rental

Image de présentation du club de l'école de surf de Morgat Crozon Magnet Surf School.

Surf Club

✓ Intended for the locals “peninsulas”

✓ Boards and wetsuits provided

✓ Possibility of transport from your home

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Surf lessons at Crozon

Magnet Surf School offers a variety of lesson formats.

The holiday lesson formula is a group lesson. You can book surf lessons during French school vacation periods. The surf lessons start at the pick up point in front of the Crozon tourist office. The Magnet van and trailer will be parked at the bus stop.
There are three slots per day. The first and second lessons lasts three hours (departure 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.). The surf lesson for children from 7 to 11 years old takes place at 4.30 p.m. You can park in one of the two large car parks close to the Crozon Tourist Office. A space is provided to attach your bicycle. The greenway (cycle track) will allow you to reach the village of Crozon by bicycle. Public toilets will be available at the meeting point for the surf lesson.

Once everyone has arrived for the lesson, Guillaume will take you to the most suitable surf spot. Transport to the beach will be a good oportunity to get to know each other. Please do not hesitate to inform Guillaume if you have any medical issues. At the beach, you will be given wetsuits and a board adapted to your level of practice. We’ll study the weather and warm up before we go in the water. The practice time can vary between 1:15 and 1:45 depending on the fatigue of the group and the water temperature and wind chill.
If your child is a minor and you authorize him/her to return on their own, you must inform the surf instructor prior to the lesson.

Class returns are scheduled at 12 p.m., 4.30 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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Private Lessons at Crozon

Magnet surf school offers private surf lessons. From March to November you can book individual lessons or in small groups (up to three surfers). Private lessons are aimed at all levels. This formula will allow you to learn surfing faster than during the group lessons. The practice times are not fixed and therefore allow you to choose optimal wave conditions and tides. Guillaume can also pick you up directly where you are staying on the peninsula. If you live in the village of Crozon, the lesson will start at the pick-up point in front of the tourist office. This formula can also be an opportunity to take family lessons!

Guillaume always accompanies you in the water. His presence will reassure you if you are not comfortable in the waves. Surfing can be learned at any age and whatever your size. You will stand up on the board, guaranteed! Magnet Surf School equipment is adapted to Brittany surf conditions. You will be fitted with warm suits and high quality foam board.

Throughout the surf session, the instructor will take videos of your best moves and also your spectacular falls. Viewing these will be an opportunity to analyze your technique. You can download videos and photos for free on the website blog, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. A photo album delivery service is also available through the Joomeo website.

The lesson price corresponds to the time you will spend in the water. Preparation and the trip to the Presqu’île spot is not included in this tariff. The surf school gift card can also allow you to offer an individual lesson as a gift. To do so, you just have to send us an email containing the information necessary for registration. Then, you can send me a check for the lesson(s) amount to the following address: 52 rue Alsace Lorraine 29160 Crozon.

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The surf camp at Crozon-Morgat

All surfing levels are accepted at the surf camp. Groups will be formed according to the surfing capacities of each individual. Minors can enjoy the stay in the company of their parents. Surf lessons are provided by a state certified instructor with significant teaching experience. Guillaume lives year-round in Crozon and Morgat, which allows him to know the peninsula and the local spots like the back of his hand . He will be your advisor so that you can have a most comfortable and varied stay. The surf school picks you up directly from the hostel or picks you up from in front of the tourist office in Crozon. All surfing equipment is provided. You will also have the opportunity to rent equipment if required.

In Philadelphia, you will be warmly welcomed by Delphine and Philippe. The concept of the Surf House is similar to a youth hostel. You will have the opportunity to share the common rooms with the other residents. You can also use your individual room if you need some peace and quiet for your Yoga session or to read.
The house is spacious and friendly. It is surrounded by a large garden with pines and fruit trees. This large building is located a five-minute walk from the town center of Morgat and the beach. Ideally placed, you will reach the surf spots in a few minutes. A kitchen is at your disposal and you will find very good restaurants in Morgat.
Guillaume can pick you up by minibus at the airport and Brest train station. Additional activities such as yoga, stand up paddle, hiking; can be organised at an extra cost ( pas offerte mais proposée je sais pas trop comment le dire).

For groups or larger parties, this can be an opportunity to organize a stay for integration or team building. Surfing and community life are good vectors for social bonding. The organization of a tailor-made stay can be made three months prior to the scheduled date of the surf camp reservation. The rates of the stay may vary depending on high and low season. For more information see the surf camp page of the website. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any further information!

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Year round Surf Club

The year round club formula is intended for the inhabitants of the peninsula from March to November. There are no surf sessions during the school holidays. The lessons, lasting 3 hours, take place on Saturday mornings and afternoons. In order to be able to offer high quality lessons, the participants are formed into groups of similar ability. The age of the surfers is also a factor to take into account when forming groups.
The course objectives are learning to surf safely, raising awareness of respect for the environment and discovering the local surf culture. Magnet Surf School undertakes to comply with its educational charter.

Becoming an independent surfer is the target of these Saturday lessons. Guillaume will guide you during your progression. You can try different surfboards to find the one that best suits your expectations and style. You will learn basic safety rules and weather forecast analysis. In a relaxed atmosphere, the goal is not to bring you to competition level but to help you discover this exciting sport with respect and good understanding of the surf spots.

You will have a chance to discover the protected natural areas of the Crozon peninsula. Guillaume will help you understand how the sand dune ecosystem works and how to protect this fragile habitat. You will surf in an exceptional geological site!
Surfing, in addition to being a sport, is also an alternative culture. The origin of surfing, through its evolution, takes us back to the evolution of our local society.

Always in the water by your side, Guillaume will be there to guide you during the surf sessions.
For all information and registrations, do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone

How to subscribe ?

To book the surf lessons you can download the registration forms online for your chosen surf package. You will find the prices and the various options of lessons : surf camp, club and private lessons. Once the subscription is completed, all you need to do is send the form by E-mail or by post:
52 rue Alsace Lorraine 29160 Crozon

You can also register by filling in the information on the registration page of our website.

For last minute reservations, no worries! Call me directly! I will manage to find you a place in the niche that suits you best.

Adresse mail, adresse du site internet et numéro de téléphone.
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How To Find Us ?

Magnet Surf School is a traveling school. The surf school runs through its minibus and trailer system. There is no office. The lessons start at the pick-up point in front of the Crozon tourist office. Surfers will be taken to the beach at the spot where surf conditions are best suited to the group/individual.

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The gear

All our equipment is adapted to each level. It is maintained with care. Wetsuits are rinsed with a biodegradable disinfectant product after each session: Bacterless. Magnet Surf School is committed to providing you with quality equipment that meets EU safety standards.

Before The Surf Lesson

  • If you have any medical issues, it is important to inform the instructor beforehand.

    • Stay hydrated and eat properly before lessons.

    • For asthmatics, consider taking your inhaler with you.

      • Apply waterproof sunscreen with a high protection index (especially on the face and hands). Protecting yourself from UV rays is important even when the sky is cloudy.

      • If you have a training certificate attesting to your level (FFS surf passport), make sure you bring it along with you.

      • Don't forget your swimsuit and a towel.

After The Surf Lesson

  •  Stay hydrated and eat properly.

    • Use an after sun.

    • Rest and get a good night's sleep before the next surf lesson.

      • If you have the courage, stretch! It is better to wait a little (at least five hours after the surf session). You can watch the video below for more information. Remember, think about your breathing and don't force too much.

Surf Spots

Britany: a land of surfing!

Photo d'un secret spot sur la presqu'île de Crozon.

The coast of Britany…

All along the coasts, on some 2700 km jagged with cliffs and rocks. The Breton coast offers a unique playground in Europe. Due to its advance in the Atlantic Ocean, its location allows to capture a maximum of swell orientations. Depending on the weather conditions, it is always possible to find a good session. Several surf areas characterize Breton surfing. You probably know the most famous surf spots like the Torche, the Quiberon peninsula, Audierne bay, the Crozon peninsula, the beaches of Locquirec ...
All these places have one thing in common: a variety of spot configuration. A Breton surfer has a marine sense developed by the specifics of his practice environment and the disciplines attached to this nautical territory. It is common to share surf sessions with windsurfers and kitesurfers.

The advantage of these configurations is to offer beaches suitable for beginners' practice near the surf spots for the more experienced.

Here when we start, we are brought more quickly to autonomy. The gently sloping sandy beaches allow learning in stages and without risk. We are far from the violence of the waves from the south-west which require technical background and high physical commitment. Good surfers will be delighted by the variety of reefbreak and beachbreak. They will find their happiness there regardless of their style of practice (longboard, shortboard, standup paddle, bodyboard, waveski ...).

Remember that these places are protected natural sites and that it is important to respect the access trails. You will be surfing at remote surf spots, so you must remain humble in your practice. Observing and taking in information at the water's edge will help you avoid stupid accidents.

With a strong surfing identity, Brittany is ideal for beginners or improving.

The surf spots in Crozon

Photo d'un cours de surf avec Magnet Surf School surf le spot de surf de la Palue à Crozon.

The Crozon Peninsula is a Mecca for Breton surfing.

In addition to having quality waves, the orientation of the beaches as well as the geology of the peninsula always allow you to choose a session adapted to wind and wave conditions. Located in a natural and protected setting (Regional Park of Armorica, Marine Park of Iroise), enjoying these large spaces is a unique experience. Far from the crowds of beaches in the south of France, Brittany offers a quality stay without suffering excessive tourist influx.

The Magnet Surf School traveling school takes you to two different beaches on the peninsula.

Kersiguénou beach in the cove of Goulien is a calm and accessible surf spot. Sheltered from big swells, this spot is ideal for beginners as well as experienced surfers. Long waves break gently on the sand in an idyllic setting. Enough to work the "hang-five" for the most experienced.

Kerdreux beach is the southern part of La Palue. Place known for its translucent blue waves. Five minutes from the port of Morgat, there are always waves going there. From a listed village, the very authentic access will transport you to the very special atmosphere of Cap de la Chèvre. Using the dunes as an observatory allows you to choose the best sandbank on the beach. This very wild beach break will surprise you in any season. The panoramic view extends from the Pointe du Raz to the Pointe de Saint Mathieu via the Tas de Pois from the Pointe de Pen Hir. However, you have to be careful while surfing. It is possible to meet strong currents caused by Baïnes. It is the surf spot on the Crozon peninsula reserved for experienced surfers and beginners when the waves are small.

On the Crozon peninsula you will always find a wave adapted to your level!

Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72
Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72