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Partnership of Magnet Surf School

Surf Rider Foundation logo.

Surf Rider foundation

Magnet Surf School is committed to a policy of sustainable development, and contributes to the general interest. The surf school wishes to express its determination and optimism in the face of the environmental challenges we face. Common values with Surfrider Europe which allow knowledge transfer and creation.

Logo Marine Park D'Iroise.

Le parc marin d’Iroise

To meet its objectives of environmental protection and reasoned development of activities, the Iroise Marine Natural Park has chosen the path of partnership; that of developing privileged relationships with those who live and support the Iroise Sea. Magnet Surf School undertakes to respect the park charter; a contractual and voluntary commitment in favor of the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of human activities. Currently, these charters are aimed at professional fishermen fishing within the park's perimeter, providers of leisure activities and managers of harbors and mooring areas.

Logo Octopouce organized hitchhiking site.


It is a citizen transport network based on the principle of organized hitchhiking. Designed by a collective of Presqu'ile citizens in 2016, the system has been operational since June 2018. It already brings together more than 200 “octopuses” (users who are drivers and / or passengers on the network) and is just waiting to get bigger to serve better. This united mobility solution aims to facilitate travel across the Crozon peninsula extended to the Alder Sea. Halfway between hitchhiking and carpooling, Octopouce gives its users the possibility of getting around without any prior organization or cost, for short daily journeys or for longer trips. The only condition for the system to work: its notoriety. The more users the network connects, the more it will be able to serve everyone around the clock.

Logo Chèque Vacance.

Vous pouvez régler Magnet Surf School avec des chèques vacances

Logo tout commence en Finistère.

The brand all starts in Finistère

Logo Office de Tourisme de l'Aulne Maritime.

The Crozon tourist office

Softech logo. High-end foam surfboards.

Softech surfboards

Founded in 2009 on the beaches of northern Australia, Softech is today the essential brand of foam boards (EPS). Recognized for their manufacturing quality and buoyancy, Softech boards are ideal for beginners, but also experienced surfers looking for new sensations thanks to original and efficient shapes.

Logo of the Blue Line range of recycled neoprene wetsuits from Sooruz.

Sooruz blue line wetsuits

With the Blue Line, the French brand Soöruz signs a great first with eco-designed combinations. Innovative materials, recycled materials, long life ... The school combination adopts an eco-design approach in 2019.
Eco-responsible, the Blue Line meets the legitimate requirements of snowboarders concerned about protecting their health and the environment in which they practice their sport. Easy to put on, the Blue Line suit incorporates eco-responsibility criteria while guaranteeing its primary function: being warm!

Indestructible Dakine leash.

Les leashs Dakine

The Dakine Kainui 5/16 leash is more resistant than a conventional leash because of its thicker diameter (8mm). Suitable for surfing big waves and of course small waves, this leash will offer you the necessary security in muscular conditions. Made of high quality Dura-Cord urethane. Because your safety is the first concern.

Ecological wax Terra Wax.

La terra wax écologique

Terra Wax is an ecological wax, because it is composed of natural, biodegradable and non-toxic substances.
This wax will allow you a better grip on your board by polluting the oceans as little as possible.

Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72
Contact magnet surf school +336 76 23 88 72

Magnet Surf School - 18 Boulevard de Pralognan la Vanoise - 29160 Crozon France

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